Paintings by Sjolie
Creating Works of Art in Pastels and Oil Paints
Custom Paintings of Animals, Architectural Structures, Landscapes, Portraits or CustomizeYour Favorite Photo


All of the Artwork here is for sale.....I also do custom paintings!

"Happiness Is Ice Cream"

11 x 14   


"Serene Fields I"  

12"x24"  $225.00 

"Spring at Crabtree"

8"x8"  $125.00

Chelsey's Sunflower"

9"x12"  Pastel  $175.00


"Make A Wish...Fairy"

5'x7'    $65.00  

"McHenry Barn"

14"x14"    $225.00

"Fairy Waterfall"

5"x5"  $40.00

"Pathway To Heaven"  8" x 16"  $125.00

"Greta and Friends"

24"x30" $475.00

"Grazing On A Sunny Day"  8"x10"   $125.00   (Pastel)

"English Garden"  (plein aire)

8"x16"  $175.00

"Sidewalk By the Ocean"  9" x 12"  $175.00

"Chelsey Morning" 8" x 10"  $125.00  (pleine aire)

"On The Way To Dad's House"  9"x12"  $175.00

                                                                                       "Secret Passage"        

                                                                                          8"x8"   $125.00 

"The Japanese Garden" at The Botanic Gardens  (pleine aire)

9" x 12"   $175.00

"In The Warmth of Mom's Arms"  16" x 20"  $175.00   Charcoal