Paintings by Sjolie
Creating Works of Art in Pastels and Oil Paints
Custom Paintings of Animals, Architectural Structures, Landscapes, Portraits or CustomizeYour Favorite Photo



Coral Woods in Marengo Pleine Aire Paintout

14"x14"  ( Donated to McHenry County Conservation District)  2015

Gloria's Painting for her Friend

I love this reference!

"Happiness is Ice Cream"


"Swan's at Peace"


"McHenry Barn"

14"x14" Oil (From Chelsey's Photo)

Karen's Winter Barn Scene

"Red Barn"

8" x 8"  Pastel

I was driving down the street in McHenry and saw this barn....had to paint it!

Copy of Breughels' "Tower of Babel"

16'x20' Oil

(requested by and painted for Lucas)

"Mountains of Memories"

8x10 Donation to TCF

"Carol's Lighthouse"  Special Order


Crabtree Nature Center      (plein aire)


Megan and Tom's wedding gift

Nina's Photo from Dominican Republic


My gift to her.......

Joan's Fabulous Photo Reproduced in Oil


Gift for Joan.....

Pleine Aire of Erick & Marta's backyard in Seattle

"Beach Scene"


Special Order for Vince

Pleine Aire Study of a House



"Autumn Scene"


Private Commission

"The Japanese Garden" at The Botanic Gardens 

Oil on Canvas  

                              "Sydney Opera House"                                                                           "Lesley's Beautiful Michigan House"


Oak Tree at Crabtree Nature Center



"The Edge of the Ocean" 

8x10 Donation to TCF

Pleine Aire Study 

 Mary Lou & Greg own it!

                                                                    "Serene Fishing Spot"  near Canada    18"x24" 

                                    "Boy on Beach"                                                                                                 "Barn in Lake Villa"

                                  18"x24"   Sold to Nikoll                                                                                                   9"x12"     

My very first Pleine Aire Painting.....

Won by my one of my favorite people..... Sadell

                                                                               Wally's photo of "Connecticut Lake"    

                                                                                     9"x12"   Pastel     (Sold)

"Reflections in My Mind"

Class Project:  water color / oil / pallet knife

"Sidewalk by the Ocean"   9"x12" Oil  

                   "The Scrapbook Manor" in Walworth  


                        My Backyard Shed   (pastel)      


         "Father and Son Watching Sunset"  9"x12"

    Gift to Chris

                    Photo taken by Chelsey

"Serene Fields I" 

12"x 24"

"Serene Fields II" 

12" x 16"  (Inspired by Chelsey's Photo Above)

   "My Mother's Plate"   Still Life   16"x20" 

   Gift for Debra