Paintings by Sjolie
Creating Works of Art in Pastels and Oil Paints
Custom Paintings of Animals, Architectural Structures, Landscapes, Portraits or CustomizeYour Favorite Photo



                                                                  "Purple Nude"   12"x24"   Private Collection

"Beauty In The Breeze"

18" x 24"

"Ocean Dream"

12" x 28"

"Friends at the Beach"

4" x 6"  Pastel      Roni owns it!

"Make A Wish....Fairy"


This was a Holiday Art Project we did in class.....palette knife/brushwork

8" x 10"

"Chris & Denita"

16'x20'   Wedding Gift

Kate and Emily Kelly (photo taken in Ireland years ago)

6"x 8"

"Fairy Waterfall"


"Little Girl Misbehaving"

4"x 6"

                                                                   Alex Malic  (my nephew)  Dean Martin Style 

"Natalia & Dominic"


Custom Order

Larissa's Painting




Myra's Painting

"Emily & Kate"



"Kennedy"  16x20  Pastel







Fred   (My Wonderful Dad)

Miss you!!









Commission in which I received an old home movie from 1958 and was asked to create a painting from the images...very challenging             16"x20"


Gift to Anissa


"Quinlan"  My attempt at painting....loose


This was my first attempt at a portrait ,several years was quite a challenge!  It was huge!  My favorite part...the stained glass.

                                    "Venus"    I LOVE to work in charcoal


               In The Comfort of Mom's Arms

Rams' Adorable Boys


"Lino" & "Jio"

                                                                                Andrew, Lizzy and Abby

                                                                              16"x20"   Private Collection