Paintings by Sjolie
Creating Works of Art in Pastels and Oil Paints
Custom Paintings of Animals, Architectural Structures, Landscapes, Portraits or CustomizeYour Favorite Photo



  "Chelsey's Daisy"    9"x12"  

                            Chelsey took the original photograph at the Chicago Botanic Gardens                          

           After several years of working with oils I tried my hand at Pastels and here is the finished product.

"Chelsey's Sunflower"

9"x12"  Pastel

"Sunflower Up Close"

5"x10"  (3D Butterfly)  

This painting was raffled off at our Unique Art Boutique and won by Laura Ziert!!!  Congrats!!

"Cally Lily has Secrets"

8"x10"  Oil on Canvas  

Donation to Healing Pathways silent auction


"Pathway To Heaven"



                       "Secret Passage"       8" x 8"                                                                             "Chesley Morning"  8" x 10"


 " Tulips"    Oil on Canvas  (white frame)


              "Monica's Monarch"  donated to TCF  Conference

My Fairy Garden....originally created by Tawney...then reproduced by me in Oil as a gift for her! 

"English Garden"  (pleine aire)




                     "Pink Bunny"   

                             Palette Knife....and lots of paint!           

                          "Pink Roses"                                                               "Yellow Rose"                                                     Photo take by Chelsey

                              9"x12"                                                       Donation to Leukemia Research

                                                                                                   Foundation Silent Auction

Mini Paintings with Frames      5"x5"    

"Happy Sunflower"......"Running Free"......."Fairy at the Ocean"

For the Snowman Lover in You!   5"x5"   with easel  

Gift for Cheryl   5"x5"