Paintings by Sjolie
Creating Works of Art in Pastels and Oil Paints
Custom Paintings of Animals, Architectural Structures, Landscapes, Portraits or CustomizeYour Favorite Photo


Animal  Portraits......

are one of my favorite subjects to paint.The paintings below are some that I have created for Private Collections, donations and also for my clients from original photographs.  

 * all of the paintings on the site are oil, unless specified pastel.



                                      "Monica on Malmo" at Lamplight      16"x20"

Photo taken by Gemma in 1997

Dr. A's "Lucky Pancakes"

12" x 16"


16" x 20"    Gift for Ninette...

"Branam's Home"



custom order

"Heather's Custom Order"

16" x 20"

Custom Order for Amy....

"Lazy Afternoon"



Joan's beautiful Horse and Chelsey's beautiful Photo

"Sleeping Kitty"

Gift for Kelly   (Chelsey Photo)

"Sunset Silhouette"


Donation for MCHC  8"x10"  Pastel

Janie's Painting of Woman on Aslan


Oil on Canvas for Mallory

"Grazing on a Sunny Day"

8"x10" Pastel in Leather Look Frame


"Greta with Friends"


    Oil on Canvas




"The Last Rider"  Actors


Donation for the Movie

                                                                                      Laura's "Baby"   12'x14'    Pastel

                                       "Bullet & Kix "                                                                "Jimmy"                                                       "Peace"                                                                    18"x24"                                                                       16"x20"                                                       16"x20"

                   "Yeager" & "Meister"                                              "Golden Puppy"  Pastel                                                     "Peanut"    

                           16x20                                                                        9x12                                                                        16x20

                                                                                          Donation to Heartland Animal Shelter

                                             "Pickles & Slick"   24"x30"                                                                                     "Rooster"  Pastel/Watercolor